My Passion for Cooking

Just as I have a passion for sports, I am equally as passionate about cooking.  I love to cook, collect delicious recipes and amazing cookbooks.  I love to crank my own homemade ice cream, so that tells you alittle about who I am in the kitchen.  Staying true to this philosopy, I have a wonderful recipe to share with you tonight.  However, I have a few comments to share with you before we get to the recipe.

Tonight was Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and I am a huge hockey fan.  Did I mention my favorite hockey team is the Pittsburgh Penguins?  Yep, on to Game 6 (the suspense is killing me).  And so, we splurged for our pre-game celebration (dinner) and decided to go with Alaskan King Crab tonight in my Cheesy Crab & Corn Dip.  I recommend using your favorite type of crab meat in this recipe.  During the holiday season when we can get Jumbo King Crab Legs, we use the jumbos in this dip.  You could use imitiation crab, too.  To be honest, we have not used imitation crab yet, so I can’t honestly comment on the difference.

This dip is delicious and has some slight spice to it with the jalapenos but not overly spicey.  Feel free to include the tobasco sauce or not, and add extra garlic or not.  We each have our own likes and dislikes when it comes to taste.  Personally, I love garlic, so I add extra garlic.  However, I recognize not everyone loves garlic like we do, so the portion of garlic in the recipe is a reasonable amount.  The recipe calls for 3/4 pound of crab meat, so you’ll likely want to buy a pound or a little over a pound in order to get a full 3/4 pound of meat.  Here’s a glance at the dip, fresh out of the oven.

Cheesy Crab & Corn Dip_Picture

The recipe fills my Longaberger 9″ pie plate.  As an alternative, you could fill two pie plates half full and bake in two separate batches.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.  I plan to post some of my favorite recipes on occasion.  I’ll post a new recipe at least once a month.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.  I am interested in your thoughts.  If you try the recipe, return and let me know how you enjoyed it and what changes you made have made to the recipe.

Here is the recipe for my Cheesy Crab & Corn Dip.

Cheesy Crab & Corn Dip

Enjoy, my friends!

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